We all go through "stuff" and come to a point in our life where we're out of options to look outside of ourselves for happiness. Deeply realising there is no other way than to walk the journey back to ourselves.

A unique transformational 6-week coaching program assisting you to:
1. gain clarity about who you truly are
2. (re)build your authentic confidence
3.  cultivate courage to be and live true to yourself

the be your own muse program

Online support & community

A mix of coaching, mind-training, education, inspiration & exercises

bite size daily classes

why this program

Proven exercises and techniques based on real and personal experiences of hundreds of women all around the world.

Unique mix of coaching, psychology, storytelling, practical exercises, self-empowering methods and (subconscious) mind-training.

Time & cost efficient and location-independent. Just 5 to 20 minutes a day of time investment needed, to be done from any device.

" Whatever brought you to this place you're in, is irrelevant. What's important is how you get from here to the happy and fulfilled you. That's the aim of this program. "

This week is all about setting you up to make you to go for what you want and be who you most want to be. Practical exercises from how to focus to how to set goals and from how to stay present, connected and balanced in your life to pushing through your own fears. 

We'll talk all about relationships, friendships and romances this week. How to heal from a broken heart, how to take care of your single heart and how to communicate effectively in any relationship in your life; work, family and love. This one is a BIG week as at the end of the game, all of our lives are about the relationships we have with others (and of course first and foremost with ourselves).

This week is all about understanding and working with your feelings and emotions. You'll learn how to listen to them when needed and how to let go when they no longer serve you.

This week you learn how to truly stand up for yourself for who you are and what you believe in. Exercices, practical tips and more...

This week is all about understanding and managing your own thoughts. Transforming your most daunting thoughts and beliefs and finally see them for what they truly are. 
You learn how to spot and eliminate the thoughts that are holding you back from living a fulfilling life and learn to believe in yourself again (or maybe for the first time!).

Week 2
Understanding your thoughts and changing your Mindset

This week is all about getting back to yourself. Through exercises and tests you learn more about your unique personality and character strengths, your wishes and dreams and what basically makes you, you.

Week 1
Re-discovering yourself

The 6-week program overview

Week 3
working with and through your feelings & Emotions

Week 4
building authentic Confidence

Week 5
Creating Relationships that make you thrive

Week 6
Being & Living your purpose

" There are no quick-fixes but rapid change is definitely possible. The amount of time you've been in your current state is not representative of how quickly things can be resolved. "


Crystal clarity

Authentic confidence 

grounded courage

1. Discover your own personal needs, wants, wishes and dreams.
2. Unveil your character and personality strengths & talents.
3. Understand who you are and who you are NOT on the deepest levels.
4. Assess where you're standing and where you want to go - what to keep and what & how to let go; internally and externally.
5. Discover and let go of subconscious limiting thoughts and emotions.

1. Learn how to stand up for your own wants / needs.
2. Learn to communicate clearly, firmly yet respectfully and lovingly. 
3. Understand what you need to be happy and how to go about it.
4. Learn to remove energy suckers from your life (people, things and habits) that are holding you back.
5. Become emotionally and mentally strong and learn how to be fearlessly yourself.

1. Learn to make your own rules for a happy life and how to live up to them
2. Learn how to prioritise yourself in your life, without feeling guilty for it. 
3. Understand why and how to break through (your own or societal) norms and rules that hold you back.
4. Learn to embrace, self-heal and empower yourself. 
5. Learn how to forgive yourself and free yourself from the chains of the past. 

Lifetime unlimited access

lifetime online community support

12 hours of online coaching exercises, videos, audios, motivation and inspiration


2 x per month online group coaching sessions

About me

Hey! I'm the founder & creator of the Be Your Own Muse program. I'm a certified Master clinical hypnotherapist, life coach and Master NLP practitioner. I have a passion for writing and storytelling and am the founder of the interview platform Guts & Tales and my own magazine, Meraki Mag. 

I hold a postgraduate degree from the University of Sheffield and have an extensive background in the marketing and advertising industry that I eventually exchanged for a more fulfilling career helping people to create lives that truly make them happy. I have coached hundreds of women on their journey to fulfilling lives and I hope to be of value of you too.

I'm of Greek-Dutch origin and am dedicated to share my rich life experience, timeless wisdom, acquired skill-set and passion to live life to its fullest expression. I am fascinated by the workings of the subconscious mind and love to show you how powerful and effective working with your own can be in your life. 

I've gone through hoops to become who I've become and I see so many women out there struggling to stand in their own power too. Unfulfilling relationships, divorces, unhappy working environments, unbalanced living, being "successful" yet not happy, emigrations. I've had my fair share and I know you reading this, has too. My own journey of healing and becoming the woman I am today, doing what I love and living my life on my terms has been the fundament of this program. My aim is to empower, inspire and motivate you to live a life on your own terms; confidently, happy and strong within yourself.

Your inner muse is your foundation. Only from this base you can truly create and live a fulfilling life. 

I’d like you to flourish and be the woman you were always meant to be. 

xx Eleni 

Frequently asked questions

I wouldn't advise you to, but  you can do the program as quick as you want. I advise six weeks though to integrate new habits and give yourself time to heal and let go. 

Can I do the program quicker than 6 weeks?

The program is relaunching in January 2020 and the new discounted price will be €240 excl. VAT. Click here to receive an additional 25% discount (limited spaces available) 

How much does it cost?

No. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists etc. do not offer a guarantee as it is against all ethical and professional codes to do so. You will find that those who do offer guarantees are not actually professionals, rather poorly skilled marketers attempting to get your money for nothing.

Do your offer a guarantee?

The entire program is online based so you can do the program from anywhere in the world you find yourself in. You just need an internet connection and a smart-phone, laptop or iPad.

Do I need to physically attend somewhere?

If you haven’t found the answer on your question please drop me an email or contact me through Facebook or Instagram. Happy to answer any of your remaining questions.

Don't you worry. If you were able to understand this website than you're able to understand the program. English is not my first language either so I'm using the most common and easy to understand form of English possible. If you want to book additional private sessions, they can be held in Greek, Dutch or English.

What if english is not my first language?

This is my passion and my career, as such I hold myself to the highest standards within the industry. My core qualification is a Diploma of Modern Psychology and I hold qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching.  

What are your qualifications?

What is mind-training and hypnotherapY?

Click on the Hypnotherapy and NLP tabs here on my website to learn all about it and be ensured about this natural therapy method that can truly change your life.