Are you at a Turning point or a Crossroad iin your life and not sure how to move forward? feeling stuck, "lost", unfulfilled, UNbalanced or directionless?

A unique transformational 6-week training and coaching program helping you gain clarity, confidence and courage to be and live true to yourself. To move forward in your life with crystal clarity pursuing a life that is and feels right for you.

the be your own muse program

Personal Coaching

A mix of Mind-training &  NLP & Hypnotherapy

Online learning &
personal development

why this program

Proven processes based on real and personal experiences of women all around the world.

Unique mix coaching and subconscious mind-training. Carefully curated methods to gain the clarity, confidence and courage you are looking for. Straight and to the point.

Time efficient. Rapid transformation made possible by the use of subconscious re-programming methods. 

Know yourself. transform yourself. be and live true to yourself.

What the program is all about




1. Discover your own personal needs, wants, wishes and dreams.
2. Unveil your character and personality strengths, talents & weaknesses.
3. Understand who you are and who you aren't on the deepest levels.
4. Assess where you're standing and want to go in all areas of your life.
5. Discover and heal subconscious and unwanted patterns and blocks.

1. Stand up for your own wants / needs.
2. Communicate clearly and firmly what you want in relationships and at work.
3. Say no and learn to put boundaries in your life.
4. Learn to let go of toxic people, things and habits that are holding you back and invest your time and energy in things and people that feed you.
5. Become emotionally and mentally strong.

1. Be firm and demand what you want (and deserve) in personal and professional relationships.
2. Let go of guilt and shame for prioritising yourself in your life.
3. Do what's right for you and fulfils you - even if it's against societal norms.
4. Stand behind yourself.
5. Let go of all that is holding you back in living true to yourself.

the 3 phases of the program

Healing ourselves is an essential step in living a fulfilling and happy life. If you don't heal your past you won't be able to wholeheartedly move forward in life. We tend to hold onto grudges, regrets or unwanted patterns and stuck emotions from our past. Sometimes we are not even aware of them, really. Together we'll work on those deeper layers of you to unveil and transform hidden subconscious patterns, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, fears and blocks that don't serve you any longer. This will allow you to experience a level of freedom that you've never experienced before, literally a weight dropping off your shoulders. No more worry, self-sabotage, self-doubts, guilt, shame, anxiety and any other unwanted and discouraging feelings or emotions.

PHASE 1:  Re-discovering yourself

PHASE 2: Healing & transforming

PHASE 3: designing the next phase of your life

Life has a funny way of bringing us back to ourselves. Something needs to happen to wake us up and make us want to search the connection with ourselves; a break-up, divorce, move to another country, burn-out, physical illness, accidents, loss, children moving out of the house, becoming 30-40-50-60 etc. The first phase of the program is all about re-discovering who you truly are underneath it all. The online program as well as our private sessions are designed with the aim to (re)discover your authentic self and come to deeper levels of understanding of yourself; both the light and the shadow sides of yourself that it's time to let go.

We'll be working on gaining clarity on where you want to go and how you're going to get there. Whether that has to do with your career aspirations or your relationship aspirations or just generally how you show up in your own life. Together we'll work on getting you optimistic, hopeful and clear about the next steps in your life and I'll teach you a variety of tools to help you reach any goals you set for yourself leading you to a happy and fulfilled life that is and feels true to you.

Together we discover if this is the right program for you and how we can tackle your own personal challenges and goals in this stage of your  life.

I don't believe in quick-fixes but rapid change is definitely possible

The amount of time you've been stuck or have been struggling in your life is not representative of how quickly your issues can be resolved.

This is how it works

step 3

step 1
BOOK YOUR FREE STRategy session

step 2
instant access to the online program

You'll start your journey straight away through the online program where you'll be guided to do exercises, read and watch content preparing you for our private sessions. Instantly more clarity from day one. Guaranteed.

Alongside the online program we'll be working privately through Skype on clearly defined and specific personal issues to free you from those thoughts and feelings that are holding you back. I use a variety of techniques; NLP, Hypnotherapy and coaching. You can learn more about those on this website.

You're never too old or too young to be all that you were meant to be; inner strong, confident and ready to live life on your terms. Women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, from all walks of life, have joined the program before you. 

like-spirited women from all around the world have gone before you

Review and re-attend the program any time in the future with your unlimited lifetime access.

Lifetime unlimited access

You can count on my support throughout the program. I'm available for any additional guidance making sure you're held through the transformation.

ongoing support

Through the carefully curated modules of my Be Your Own Muse online program you are guided to greater self-awareness, self-respect, self-love and courage to stand up for yourself. All modules are build around getting you more clear, confident and courageous to be and live truthfully to yourself.

6 x 1-hour personal coaching, mind-training
& Hypnotherapy sessions

12 hours of online coaching exercises, education, motivation and inspiration


In our private sessions we will work on anything you're currently challenged by. Stress, anxiety, conscious and subconscious blocks, fears and unclarity. We'll make sure you gain freedom from whatever is holding you back in your life. I use a variety of techniques; hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching. You can learn more about them on this website.

About me

Hello there, I'm the founder & creator of the Be Your Own Muse program. I'm a certified Master clinical hypnotherapist, life coach and Master NLP practitioner. I also love writing and am the founder of storytelling platform Guts & Tales from where I am to inspire people to live a life that's true to them.

I hold a postgraduate degree from the University of Sheffield and have an extensive background in the marketing and advertising industry that I eventually exchanged for a more fulfilling career helping people to create lives that truly make them happy. I have coached heaps of women on their journey to fulfilling lives and I hope to help you too on your own journey.

I'm of Greek-Dutch origin and am dedicated to share my rich life experience, timeless wisdom, acquired skill-set and passion to live life to its fullest expression. I am fascinated by the workings of the subconscious mind and love to show you how powerful and effective working with your own can be in your life. 

I've gone through hoops to become who I've become and I see so many women out there struggling to stand in their own power too. Unfulfilling relationships, a divorce, unhappy in my work, unbalanced, "successful" yet not happy, emigration, bored and frustrated, searching for answers to big life questions, feeling the pressure of society to be someone I was not. I've been through it and I know where my clients are going through. My own journey of healing and becoming the strong, independent and confident woman I am today, doing what I love and living my life on my terms has been the fundament of this program. My aim is to empower, inspire and motivate you to live a life on your own terms; confidently, happy and strong within yourself.

Your inner muse is your foundation. Only from this base you can truly create and live a fulfilling life. 

I’d like you to flourish and be the woman you were always meant to be. 

xx Eleni 

PS. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me for any further clarifications or questions.

Clearly define your next steps in life with planning and structure and learn how to consciously create your life through visualisation exercises and more tools that work like magic! Both the online as our final personal coaching session is set up to make you bulletproof confident and courageous to build a life that is true to you.

Continuing our private sessions together working on any issues you're facing in your life. In the online program you learn how to manage your fears, how to listen to your inner voice and how to set a path that's right for you.

This week is all about letting go what no longer serves you in our one-to-one session. In the online program you'll learn all about your own feelings and emotions and how you can successfully listen, release and transform them.

In our one-to-one session we continue our work on getting rid of the thought and emotions that no longer serve you. In the online program you learn how to set boundaries, say no, communicate and listen effectively, and guilt-free stand for who you are.

Learn to become the master of your own thoughts. Understand, transform and change them as you please.
Spot and eliminate the thoughts that are holding you back from living a fulfilling life and learn to believe in yourself, no matter what.

Week 2
1-1 session: mind-training & Coaching
Online program: thoughts & Mindset

Rediscover yourself through a variety of exercises; learn about your personality, your character strengths and weaknesses, your habits, your thoughts, your emotions and clearly understand what it's time to let go of. 

Week 1
1-1 session: Clarity & GOAL SETTING
ONLINE progam: Re-discovering yourself

The 6-week program overview

Week 3
1-1 session: Healing & Coaching
Online program: feelings & Emotions

Week 4
1-1 session: HEALING & Coaching 
Online program: building Confidence

Week 5
1-1 SESSION: Mind-training & Coaching
Online program: Becoming courageous

Week 6
1-1 session: planning the next phase
Online program: Be & Live true to you

Frequently asked questions

I work on research-based time frames which means that most issues can be dealt with to your satisfaction up to 6 session (consecutive and weekly). As this program is based on both online as well as private sessions I have set up the program in this way that you will need 6 weeks to finish the online part of the program too so it won't be possible to finish quicker than 6 weeks.

Can I do the program quicker than 6 weeks?

In our strategy call I'll be able to give you all the payment details, prices and plans available for you.

How much does it cost?

No. The professional associations I am a member with would not allow me to offer a guarantee anyway. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists etc. do not offer a guarantee as it is against all ethical and professional codes to do so. You will find that those who do offer guarantees are not actually professionals, rather poorly skilled marketers attempting to get your money for nothing.

Do your offer a guarantee?

The entire program and our private sessions are online based so you can do the program from anywhere in the world you find yourself in. You just need an internet connection and a smart-phone, laptop or iPad with camera.

Do I need to physically attend somewhere?

If you haven’t found the answer on your question please drop me an email or contact me through Facebook or Instagram. Happy to answer any of your remaining questions.

Don't you worry. If you were able to understand this website than you're able to understand the program. English is not my first language either so I'm using the most common and easy to understand form of English possible. The private sessions can be held in Greek, Dutch and English.

What if english is not my first language?

This is my passion and my career, as such I hold my self to the highest standards within the industry. My core qualification is a Diploma of Modern Psychology and I hold qualifications in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching.  

What are your qualifications?

What is mind-training and hypnotherapY? I am a bit hesitant...

Click on the Hypnotherapy and NLP tabs here on my website to learn all about it and be ensured about this natural therapy method that can truly change your life.