Take back control and thrive.

As a life coach I will help you attain your highest vision for yourself.  I create a place of purpose, safety and power to help you get clear, focused and attain what you really want in your life. I help my clients envision their future and then partner with them to make a plan to get there.

I use a highly specialised set of skills to empower and motivate you to take action and create change.

Life Coaching is about helping you achieve tangible results that you can see and feel

Coaching is not about self help, personal development or feel good platitudes and me giving my opinion on things, rather it is about using a very specific skill that will help you on your journey of getting clear, motivated and will show you how to move through any perceived obstacle and I will hold you accountable for the actions that you need to make to take to charge and make your goals a reality.


Change your career.

Re-invent yourself after loss, trauma or divorce.

Discover what you want to do in life.

Finally work on yourself to end the cycle of unfulfilling relationships.

Coaching is not about talk
It's about action

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Coaching is 10% goal setting and 90% goal achieving

Your current level of thinking, strategy and accountability has got you where you are. If you want something more or something different, then one or more of these areas has to change. Coaching is the tool that makes it happen.

How it works

Sessions are conducted over Skype, Facetime Audio or Facebook.
You decide on the length of the coaching program, I recommend 12 weeks and a minimum of 6 weeks. We create an agreement, together and get going.

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