london, uk


In May 2013 I decided to move to London with the love of my life. I knew it would be a big challenge but I didn’t know how to prepare myself for I didn’t! I was just living day after day and dealing with the problems as they were coming. I had to be strong and I had the best man by my side.
But I realised I wasn’t being myself...I was a machine that (not sure exactly why) was managing to do things in the right way. I had the best friends, the best husband and a job that I couldn’t complain about. I had several promotions at work and I thought I was succeeding in life and couldn’t be happier!
Suddenly something wasn’t quite right with me. I had some complications with my health and I was diagnosed with endometriosis. With that condition and with things between me and the love of my life not being the best of all times, I started having not only physical symptoms but I was hugely affected psychologically. 
In a very pleasant afternoon with my friend she mentioned about the BYOM program. I was never patient enough to commit to any program and I’m the kind of person who may start something and never finish it. Same here, I signed up but always thought I wouldn’t be dedicated enough to follow till the end.
I was completely wrong! Each day there was something different to learn and reflect on. I can’t put in words how that programme changed the way I was dealing with my life! And much more than that, I found myself! The true ME was there all the time and BYOM just helped me to unblock it and find my way in the difficult maze of life. And finding myself has been the best journey of my life.


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Sydney, australia


Be Your Own Muse awakens the soul. Whether you are just beginning to venture inwards or have been on a path for some time it will spark, challenge and hold you throughout. I treasured every aspect of the program; from the comfort of the online lessons, to the precious insights and practical exercises. Eleni provides guidance and encouragement privately but also across her content rich online program allowing you to gradually peel away layers of the 'Self' that it is time to shed. It is clear that so much care, love and wisdom has been channeled into the creation of BYOM, Eleni has generously distilled knowledge and inspiration that it might otherwise take a lifetime to gather. Please don't miss this offering to expand, to grow and be more you. It truly is a gift.


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toronto, canada


The BYOM program came at the right time in my life since I am searching for answers and direction as to where I want to go with the rest of my life. All my life, my choices were to satisfy others as to not disappoint them, saying no was a very difficult thing for me. Basically , I was living a life for others without really taking the time to examine what I truly wanted.

Eleni is such a lovely, warm and wonderful spirit and I am so grateful to have met her. She has been a great inspiration for me and has given me so much that I am now able to see things differently and proceed forward in my life, as I now choose based on my wants and needs not others. 

The BYOM program is a journey that helps you question, examine and search within yourself that enables you to live a more confident, positive and fulfilling life.
The knowledge, encouragement and inspiration you receive with this program is so worth it.

I truly believe every woman no matter her age has much to gain from the BYOM program.


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london, uk


BYOM is an excellent programme, and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering life coaching. Even those familiar with many of the topics covered will discover new angles and ways of approaching situations, and the programme's tailoring to women means every lesson is meaningful and specific to our needs.  Eleni is an honest and knowledgable teacher, sharing truths in an open and unpatronising way - you don't just get the feeling that she cares, you know she really does! Be Your Own Muse is for all those women out there that are ready to stand tall within themselves and I'm forever grateful for having had this experience with Eleni and her program. I feel more clear and more confident than ever before.


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athens, greece


Being over sixty is a challenge, not so much cause something changes inside of you or because others say so. At that rewarding age, being closest to your real self than ever before and whilst you are full of good and bad experiences something amazing happens: you want to know more! More about you, your environment, your closest relationships, your loved ones, the life you have chosen.
And exactly there, you figure out that there must be a way to plunge into that inner depth of yours where all this will become clear and perfectly understood. It was at that exact moment when I found Eleni Meraki. Maybe by coincidence, maybe not! From the first minute I came in touch with her program I knew something deep and clear was going on there. Questions I already had in my mind where being answered in an exceptional way, a way that only truth, mastery and humbleness can achieve.
I am so grateful and happy for this ride and I surely wish for as many people as possible to have this life changing experience.



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athens, greece


Be Your Own Muse takes you to the real, raw depths of you. It 'holds your hand' as you dig deep and uncover things that perhaps you knew were there, but that you needed to brush off and allow to surface. It teaches you how to be silent and listen, how to be true to you, believe in you, and how to stand tall within you. The program unfolds with such ease and grace that you're intrigued to click on the next lesson of the program. Because you know that what's in store for you that day is genuine and full of greatness. Although I consider myself to be 'tuned in' and wouldn't easily participate in a program like this, every email uncovered new perspective, offered inspiration, or provided a tool to help me learn more about me. I have already and will continue to recommend Be Your Own Muse to anyone searching for depth in themselves and in the world around them.


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Amsterdam, the netherlands


BYOM helped me to find my authentic self, just as Eleni promised. It came on my path just when I needed it. I felt stuck and I knew I wanted to change some things in my life but I didn’t really know how.

Eleni is such a loving, smart and talented person and I am so grateful she showed up in my life. With the BYOM program she made it possible for me to develop and learn about who I am and what I need in my life, to live fully and enjoy every minute of it. Since I started the program I feel such a motivation inside of me. I am more conscious of my thoughts, I appreciate myself more and more and it gave me all kinds of tools to change my mindset into a positive one.
I feel on top of the world, a beautiful, confident and strong woman. Thank you Eleni from the bottom of my heart.


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I wish I’d met Eleni sooner… Life has become so much more beautiful (and easier). Wow!  "As you start to walk on the way... The way appears. Rumi" That sounds great, but then you’ll first have to find that way... and that took me a while. Since my mid twenties till my early thirties I struggled through life. Not happy, crying a lot, feeling numb, not knowing what to do with myself and my life…. it just sucked, haha.
I’ve tried 3 psychologists, haptonomy sessions and just accepting the way it was, but it just didn’t work. I knew myself better than ever but did it make me happy? No! I was stuck. I asked myself many questions; Is it me? Am I so messed up? And then there was the lovely Eleni. She was patient, always there for me and with her Be Your Own Muse program helped me find my way. With her by my side I got more confident, not only in my appearance but also in the choices I make, I’m doing things that I love now and I’m in charge of my own happiness now.  She sounds like an angel right? —> she is for me. Doing her program and working one-to-one with her has truly changed my life.

Valencia, Spain


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geneva, switzerland


Eleni coached me in my career shift. I didn't know where to start. She was there to listen, to challenge me and give me guidance and concrete action points, which helped me to nail down exactly in which direction I wanted to go. After each session, I had a clearer idea of what I wanted and I was even more motivated.
In moments of doubt, she gave me some useful keys and tricks to stay confident and trust myself. I still use them everyday! Eleni is caring, understands your needs, strengths and weaknesses. She helps you build your self-belief and focuses on what is really important to you, listening and freeing you from your doubts and fears. We always need some advice and coaching in our lives I believe, and with Eleni it feels natural; she's like a friend. You will see and feel like you are making huge progress very quickly and effortlessly.


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amsterdam, NL


Eleni and I worked on a variety of issues I was dealing with in my life. I couldn't put the pieces of the puzzle together and kept going around in circles in my head. Eleni is capable of going straight to the heart of the matter and pinpoint what it really is what you need to focus on. Eleni is a very smart and empathic woman - very sensitive to her clients' needs whilst at the same time able to gently guide you to where you need to be. I highly recommend Eleni and her Be Your Own Muse program and I promise she will be able to provide you with the clarity and courage that you need.


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amsterdam, NL


I joined the programme because I wanted to dive a little bit deeper into my inner self and learn more about me. The course is very interesting and eye-opening. Eleni explains and describes in a practical way how you can become a stronger version of you. Throughout the programme I received many tips, tools and exercises and get introduced to plenty of new concepts. I've learned so many new things about myself and the programme truly changed me. I feel more clear, confident and happy within myself and I could recommend it to any woman out there wanting to be solid within herself.


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