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coach, clinical hypnotherapist, master NLP-practitioner, writer and dedicated to help you transform any area of your life. I combine many modern and traditional coaching and therapy techniques with timeless wisdom, allowing me to enable change in thought patterns and behaviours on the deepest levels.  My mission is to see you happy, fulfilled, strong, confident and free. 

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Hello Hoi Γεια σου, I'm Eleni,

i assist you in creating rapid,
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To achieve anything you want in life
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Working one-on-one gets you the quickest results. Period. A personalized coaching program and my unique approach and skillset will get you where you want to be in record time. If you're ready to put in the effort, of course. Ready?


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A 66 day journey to the most authentically confident, clear, mentally & emotionally strong you.  You're never too young or too old to stand in your power and live the life that's meant for you.

A unique all-round online coaching program tackling the challenges of the modern woman of today.

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London, UK

The true ME was there all this time but through Eleni’s Be Your Own Muse program I unlocked myself and find my way in the difficult maze of life. Finding myself has been the best journey of my life.


Sydney, Australia

Eleni has generously distilled knowledge and inspiration that it might otherwise take a lifetime to gather. Eleni provides guidance and encouragement allowing you to gradually peel away layers of the 'Self' that it is time to shed.

Athens, Greece

I wish for as many people as possible to have this life changing experience of working with Eleni directly or meeting her work through her programs.



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Inspiring stories of people with guts that changed their life around.



Assisting you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.


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